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Garage Door Tune Up And Lubrication Is Not Complicated

Why Do We Need Garage Door Tune Up And Lubrication For Our Garage Door?

Tune up & lubrication of a garage door is an easy task for BSD Garage Door Repair and Installation Service Denver, CO and also most people could easily do themselves at home, although it would take a bit of effort and strength.
Garage door repair in general is not an easy task for who have not learned it.
In case your garage door makes a squeaking noise probably your garage door needs garage door tune up and lubrication.

Garage Door Tune Up And Lubrication

Garage Door Tune Up And Lubrication

It must be of the things that annoy us the most first thing early in the morning and late when we get back home at night after a tough day at work – and that is the noise we hear from the garage door that often sounds like it will break any moment.

First it is important to note, the regular WD 40 is not the right product to use
when tune up is needed on your garage door.
The heavy moving parts on the garage door and the liquid nature of the WD 40 will probably only increase the amount of noise you will get from you garage door and not help it.
The product that we would recommend our customers to use that would stick longer and create the right amount of lubricating on all moving parts is a lithium spray.

Garage door tune up & lubrication where we spray the lubrication

Now that we have the right product to use, we need to apply on all moving parts of the garage. That means that for all panels (sections) of the garage’s hinges and all rollers as well. In order to get right into each and every hinge, we must turn the garage door into manual
and lift slowly each section of the garage door while applying the lithium spray on all hinges.

In addition, it is important to note as well that we should not lubricate all rollers.
but only the metal rollers when it is time to tune up the door.

Plastic rollers are meant to only last for a few years.
If you have your rollers for years then it must be time to replace the rollers.

In case the Rollers are metal rollers and have bolts in them
then that would be the right area to target with the lithium spray and that should already
change the overall noise experience we have had with our garage door for a long time.