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Torsion Springs Torque and Counterbalance

Why Do We Need Torsion Springs For Our Garage Door?

First, we ask how likely for a 1hp garage door opener or any adult can lift up a garage door. More so, when the garage door  weighs over 250lbs, it would be impossible for most of us. hint, it must be the torsion springs that hold the answer.

The garage door is connected to cables, those cables are connected to brackets at the bottom of the door. In addition, the other side the cables are connected to drums at the top of the door. More so, the drums are also connected to the shaft (the long bar the turns over the door). Now that we can picture it in our head, or face with our eyes what does the mechanism look like, we still need to understand how does the heavy door get lifted up. Whether by us or by the garage door opener, it is an interesting, yet, simple procedure.

We all know the feeling of lifting up the garage door manually. Thus, the sections getting transformed from vertical lift to horizontal lift, and the garage door gets lighter. However, the force needed to lift it right off the ground is much larger. It would take much more power than any of us or a 1hp garage door opener.

Getting Technical With The Torsion Springs.

On the shaft we will notice the torsion spring that is anchored to the wall on one end, giving it a counter push. While the other end of the spring has an adjustment edge where we can choose the amount of torque needed to lift up the door. But careful, we do not want to wind the torsion spring too much as we can damage the spring. More over, we can hurt the garage door or ourselves.

In case you would like more information about the torsion springs, call us. Also, If you need professional help with the garage door torsion spring installation. Please call BSD Garage Door Services, and we would be happy to assist you on any garage door repair issue.