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Garage door springs

What about the garage door spring?

When it comes to your garage door springs you will not need to grease if you have extension springs, they have already deep coated and require no maintenance.
On the other hand, if you have a torsion springs that will need to get some love.
Instead of springs getting stretched torsion springs get wound so because of that you will want to grease them.
Even when the torsion springs are brand new they make noise,
which is because the coils are rubbing against each other.
All you have to do is to coat the springs from one end to the other, then bring the garage door open and close a few times and let the grease work itself in.

Why do we need to grease the garage door springs?

The grease is going to do two things in your torsion springs:

  1. It is going to reduce the amount of noise that you hear from the friction.
  2. Most of the garage door companies out there only use oil tempered springs or galvanized springs,
    so the grease helps prevent rust build up, BSD Garage Door Service offers powder coated springs,
    it is a spring that been dipped and coated both inside and out,
    therefore you will never need to worry about rust problems.

So going out to a manufacturer and getting springs from them or home depot , you may end up getting a spring that is coated on the outside but not coated from inside, and believe our experience , it is very hard to coat the inside of a coiled spring.
The last thing that you need to grease on a torsion spring garage door, is the bearing plates, there are 3 bearing plates on your garage door system, one of the plates seats between the torsion springs and the other two seats on both of the sides of the garage door bar.

When you wind the up the spring all the power get transfer to the plates and the bar spins inside the bearings.

The bearings and the plates are not accessible unless you remove the springs, a task I would not recommend to the average home owner, if you feel that there is a need of a service contact BSD Garage Door Service because you may an unsafe condition.