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Garage door troubleshooting

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Garage door troubleshooting

There are a lot of things could get wrong with the garage door opener, if you have problem with it we will try to help you out with it.

First, we would like make sure that there is power on in the house. When you press the wall button did the garage door opener light blink? Or nothing happened?
If it blinks - it means that there is something blocking the path between the sensors. Our past experience have shown that it could be spider webs, box or a toy. Also, it could be that the sensors which known also as photo eyes are misaligned.
Sensors have led light that indicate if the sensor is aligned. In case it blinks it means that something interrupts the path. So its impossible for us to  close the garage door.

We also know that when the garage door stops on the way up it usually means the torsion springs are broken.
in that case, we advice to be extra careful because the springs are under a lot of tensionBroken torsion spring could cause serious injury. Please call a professional Denver garage door repair technician to fix this issue.

If the torsion spring appear to be fine then check the tracks on both sides of the garage door, if they appear bent or misaligned that could be the problem.

Not the springs?

What if pressing the wall button opens the garage door but your remote or keypad don’t work? It could be due to several reasons:

  • first, check the battery.
  • Second, have it locked, and that will cause wall button blink. In this case you need to press for a few seconds on the lock button and release it from the lock.

We would try to replace the battery on the remote and the keypad. If it still does not works we realize its the opener. probably you have problem with one of your garage door component that is inside the opener. If the opener makes noises when it attempts to lift, then it must be the capacitor. In many cases we find the capacitor needs to be replaced inside the garage opener.

We Recommend our readers to call a professional garage door technician for capacitor issues. Every opener has its own specific capacitor that needs to be fitted inside the opener. In addition, let’s not forget that it is electricity and you don’t want any unnecessary risks.

The Garage Opener

When we come to perform the garage door troubleshooting we would also take a close look at the garage door opener. Then we will check the gear condition and inspect the components. Maybe the gear is stripped and likely the cause of the problem.
We also know the motor can burn out but it is not common most of the times. The capacitor may appear totally fine but it still could be the problem. When we arrive we inspect the power board and control board as well. That is simply how we perform a thorough garage door troubleshooting.

We would love for you to contact us with any further information needed. For any problem with your garage door our recommendation is to ask professional garage door technician. We, at BSD Garage Door Service, will give you a piece of mind. Find us around Lakewood, Aurora, LittletonBoulder, Westminster, centennial and up in Fort Collins.