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Garage door repair and installation service - Denver CO

Garage Door Sensors Is The Answer.

Does your garage door not working properly and you are about to call a professional? Know This!

How does it happen that every time we call in a Denver garage door repair company its so pricey? You may look up videos online and by our own research, we can tell that the sensors are a key component. Your garage door sensors, or "safety eyes," as the professionals call them are gentle. It is very easy for them to lose the straight path to the other side to complete a circuit. The beams of the sensors must connect in order for the garage door to operate properly.

Garage Door Sensors

We are BSD Garage Door Service is a major garage door service provider around Denver Colorado. So, we would like to take this opportunity to educate you just a bit more about garage door repair and how to save money.

How To check Our Garage Door Sensors?

The garage door sensors and individually installed by the technician that installed the garage door opener. Nonetheless, after a while, and maybe moving some things around, the sensor could lose its original direction.

Therefore, before you call a Denver garage door repair company to come out, check your sensors. We recommended to go and take a close look at the garage door sensors. they are located at the bottom of on the sides. Once you are by the sensors, search for the green light. In case the green light is not on, that means your sensors are not aligned.

Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call BSD Garage door service for more information. We pride ourselves in the help we are able to provide by guiding our customers over the phone. In addition, you may also find us near Centennial, Parker, Boulder, Lakewood and Littleton.