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Garage Door Does Not Close? This Is How You Fix It

Garage door does not close?

How often do we open the garage door or even try to close it and it get stuck? As soon as we click on the remote control button, the garage door jumps right back. One of the main causes to this problem is malfunctioning garage door sensors. Mostly we will find the reason to be unaligned or interrupted beams. Here we offer a couple of strong reasons to cause this issue. We will take you step by step in order to resolve this problem

Not Closing Garage Door

In order to track this problem we can go to one of the sensors and look for the green light. When we see the light stays on it means your sensors are fine and there might be a different issue. However, if the green light is not there then altogether two main issues could be the cause.  Also, it is quite rare, but at some instances  we find the green light flickering. In that case we can understand something is partially blocking the sensors and they do not get a clear line.

how do we solve the problem?

After we have checked the basic and easy ways to resolve the issue we move on. Now we should realize one of the two, first, if there is something blocking the beam. Second, we should check if the sensor itself moved and is not aligned. The first scenario is easy to solve, as you may imagine. All we should do is locate the object blocking the beam and move it away from the sensors.

We find the latter scenario to be fairly easy to resolve. First, we must look and find the place on the sensor where the green light should turn on, and that would be the indicator we use to know when the beams are aligned again. We simply need to gently grab one of the sensors and move it slightly back and forth until we recognize that green light on the sensor is on again and of course staying that way.

In case we find that neither of the fixes apply then it is time to call a professional and experienced Denver garage door technician at BSD Garage Door Service. We would come and give a thorough examination of the different garage door components and analyze the part that needs repair. We understand our customers need for prompt response, we offer same day service.